Dear you, the people

Updated: Jun 3

Written 6/2/2020 | Revised 6/2/2021

Dear you,

I am talking to you. Yes, you. The one who doesn’t understand what is going on in this country. The one who is quietly saying “my voice doesn’t matter because I am not black.”

This goes out to you.

Until you realize this fight is not about you, you will never understand the pain black people are going through. The fear, the frustration, the anger that fuels them is because people like you aren’t listening.

Take a step back and understand that they are fighting this fight for you.

Pay attention to what they are saying and the message they are sending. Don’t get distracted by the media that is there to confuse you and dictate how you view the black lives matter movement. Understand, you are part of the broken system that they are trying to shake and wake up.

Enough is enough.

You are sitting in the privilege of your home, watching media in the comfort of your 4 walls, while the black people have to think twice about what they wear, what they do, how they act and look before they leave their home to cross the street because apparently anything they do is deemed wrong.

Dear you - put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if all eyes were on you?

If everyone mugged you and looked at you suspiciously?

If the society that you were born and raised in did not accept you?

They are protesting, and riots break when there’s anger and frustration fueled throughout generations of hate.

It doesn’t take a smart wo/man to realize looting is a different kind of ignorance and that is not shared with what the message #BLM consents.

If you are part of this problem, then here’s what I will say.

Choose your stans and make sure your argument is legit.

Open your mind and realize there is no right or wrong in this wo/man made society, there is only love and hate.

Are you on the side of love or are you on the side of hate?

Love loves to love and it loves all people. Hate discriminates.

Dear you - the “minority.”

If you are any race, STAND THE F*** UP and speak up!

Stand next to your black brothers and sisters and fight the good fight.

Dear you - the “minority”.

When we unite, there are more of us than there are of them.

They want to keep us divided and we will not allow them. Stand up. Speak up. Educate yourself and educate others. Be peaceful and show love. Spread love and care for those who have undergone the brutal psychological and physical war of racism.


#BLM is an amazing example of what impact people can make to get this broken system to work for us, the people. Keep fighting for justice, for your right to live and be equal, for your right to be a human who shares space with another human in this world. We are in this together!