Is it more important to learn from your mistakes or to get back up when you fail?

Both are equally important. You cannot learn if you do not make any mistakes in life.

Think about it; life would not be that interesting either if everything went perfectly!

We are humans; we like drama! No matter how much one says they’re not into drama, we all like a little bit of spice in our life. That is what makes life interesting.


Speaking of spice, if you want more of it, you have to get back up when you fail. This is to add more recipes to your already so-called “ruined” situation. Again, it makes life more interesting.

The whole point of living is to enjoy this journey. Did you get that? ENJOY! Enjoy the process, no matter how difficult it is at the moment. It too shall pass. We are here to live and learn.

Another wonderful and simple example - when children first begin to walk. How many attempts do you think it takes them to get it fully? Probably a couple of days, maybe weeks, but who is counting?

Give yourself some credit that you are trying, and if you fail, great!

You learned something in the process!

Keep trying, keep going!

You are on your way to where you need to arrive!

Wishing you the best because you deserve the best!

~ Aya