How do you start living your best life?

Start by asking the simple question: what makes you happy?

Write it down as you may have multiple ideas of what that looks like for you.

Then create a list of all the things you want to accomplish in your life. If you did not have any limitations and you could do anything you wanted to in life, what would that be for you?

Look at the list you created and circle the one that stands out to you the most. The one that will make you the happiest. The one that will make the most difference. Then create an action plan of what you need to do to get there.

How can you begin following your dreams today? What little action can you take today to get closer to it?


I was depressed a few years ago and I did not know how to get myself out of it and knew that taking my own life was a cowardly move, so I asked myself how can I overcome this? What would make me the happiest right now?

For me, it was to follow my dreams of being an actor.

I had no idea of what that journey entailed but I was determined to make myself happy. So I signed up for a newsletter of a local acting school. A few weeks later, it leads to me attending a Casting Director workshop, which led me to take acting classes, which led me to become a working actor and model. This all happened within 6–12 months.

Begin by asking what will make you the happiest and though your dreams may seem scary at first, begin with the first step - sign up to the newsletter/email, begin doing research, learn more about what makes you happy…and do it consistently, every day! Be engrained in what you LOVE so that it grows every day with YOU!

Wishing you good luck, my friend!