From Corporate to Film: Where I got my groove to win!

When I embarked on my academic journey at San Francisco State University, my first major was in Cinema. I loved acting since I was a kid and I figured majoring in Cinema would put me on the right track to following my dreams of acting. In my first semester, I discovered I did not like the technical aspects of Cinematography, so I decided to go with the next best option which was marketing. I figured I could still be creative, strategic and utilize my acting skills in the corporate world. I was not wrong.

Once I graduated from college, I went to work in Product Marketing at a publishing company. During my short tenure in marketing, I collaborated with the leadership team to launch a new Sales Enablement Specialist team by developing a training program and co-authoring a 30-page training workbook. I successfully planned and performed marketing events that captured over $100,000 in new revenue, created high quality sales tools and marketing collateral which included product flyers, sell sheets, PowerPoint presentations and sales kits.