From Corporate to Film: Where I got my groove to win!

When I embarked on my academic journey at San Francisco State University, my first major was in Cinema. I loved acting since I was a kid and I figured majoring in Cinema would put me on the right track to following my dreams of acting. In my first semester, I discovered I did not like the technical aspects of Cinematography, so I decided to go with the next best option which was marketing. I figured I could still be creative, strategic and utilize my acting skills in the corporate world. I was not wrong.

Once I graduated from college, I went to work in Product Marketing at a publishing company. During my short tenure in marketing, I collaborated with the leadership team to launch a new Sales Enablement Specialist team by developing a training program and co-authoring a 30-page training workbook. I successfully planned and performed marketing events that captured over $100,000 in new revenue, created high quality sales tools and marketing collateral which included product flyers, sell sheets, PowerPoint presentations and sales kits.

I ended up outgrowing my position after two successful years in marketing. The VP and Director of Marketing encouraged me to go into field Sales because my hard work and dedication showed how much I cared about the clients.

The thought of going into Sales terrified me because I am naturally an introvert and get shy in public, but I also didn't want to let my shyness get in my way of building a successful career. So I decided to challenge myself to go into sales because I knew it was the only way I could overcome social anxiety, plus, I wanted to prove to myself I could run and grow a successful business.

With two years of product marketing experience under my belt, I embarked on my new journey of field sales. During my first year in sales, I did not have a manager or a director who could train or guide me, so I had to figure out a lot of things on my own through trial and error and utilize the resources wherever I could find them.

I learned a lot about myself and about the business world. I learned that I strive best during challenging times. I enjoy figuring things out on my own. It was like a puzzle - you eventually get gratification when you solve it.

During my Rookie year, with no sales experience, I learned how to qualify prospects, how to ask the right questions, how to do intensive research, cold call, and brand myself while telling a compelling story that would resonate with potential clients. I learned how to utilize my resources best, and pushed myself everyday to achieve my weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I finally understood how field sales functioned. This hard-work and dedication resulted in me achieving 110% mid-year sales goal and 105% in full year sales goal during my Rookie year.

By my second and third year, I was a top 10% Sales Consultant in the West region with 72% increase in new digital business closed. I won district tech-savvy award, and an award for executing multi-tiered campaigns that generated awareness in the new program launch resulting in 35 in-class presentations with over 5,000 new subscriptions over the 2-month period.

I felt that I proved to myself that with the right mindset and determination, I am capable of achieving anything. It was with this experience and the same mindset that I decided to challenge myself once again and pursue my dreams and passion for acting.

I've used acting to face my social anxiety during cold calls and during presentations where I would share an inspiring and resonating story. After outgrowing my sales position, I figured I could start all over again, but this time in the entertainment industry.

Now, I am no longer shy and I am comfortable being uncomfortable. I embrace it. This is my Rookie year as an actress, model, and dancer in the entertainment industry. I am open to experiencing all of the film world has to offer.

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