Better than nothing!

I was recently on a podcast with an old colleague who is now a good friend of mine, Andrew Ginsberg, and we touched on some subjects that I normally don't talk about in public.

I guess first time for everything.

Andrew and I touched on this exact topic briefly and what the experience is like on wanting to follow your desires. His desire was to start a podcast and my desire was to start acting. Andrew humbly bragged about the amount of downloads he had. He said it wasn't a lot, but a few hundred listeners and I abruptly interrupted him and said "better than zero!"

I wanted to elaborate more on what I meant by that. When you decide to follow your desire and follow your dreams, you have to realize that there is a first time for everything. Many of us are not fortunate to start off from a top of the mountain, we have to climb it first. Meaning, we start from zero.

Once you start following your passion, doing what you love, you have to realize that progress is key and each day you do that thing that you put your mind to, whether that's losing weight, being more social, getting leads, creating new opportunities - the answer is that it is better than zero. It is better than doing nothing!

The journey of following your dreams is scary because you are going into the path of unknown. I encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable as you dive into your journey and learn more about your passion.

As you follow your dreams, you will learn more about yourself and what ignites the passion and desire within you. There will be many days where you may doubt yourself and on those days you have to remind yourself that you are enough and what you are doing is enough. Remind yourself how far you've come and where you started. Better than zero! Better than nothing!

We are always told to never look back, which is true, you shouldn't be dwelling on the past. It doesn't always serve you. However, on days when you do feel like you're not doing enough, remind yourself of how far you have come by looking back at where you started. Remind yourself how resilient and strong you are because you decided to not give up on your dreams!

A year ago I didn't know anything about the entertainment industry. I blindly signed up for an acting class because I was in desperate need to save myself from the depressing life I was living. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

One year ago, I did not know anything about acting or the industry I chose to pursue. A year later and these are some of the experiences I have obtained:

  • Signed with a talent agency

  • Started screenwriting

  • Started blogging (hey-yo!)

Appeared in:

  • feature films

  • short films

  • Commercials

  • Dance TV Show

  • Music video

  • Podcast interviews

  • industrial videos

  • Print and video modeling work

  • Numerous background extra work

When I started, I didn't have any of this experience. I didn't even know acting schools existed or the fact that I was even a dancer (you can hear more about that topic on the podcast).

I learned all this by having faith and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and allowing my curiosity to explore the industry as much as I could. By following my dreams and having faith that the road I was on was the right road for me, I discovered myself and what ignited me. Everything and everyone has a purpose and they all served and continue to serve a purpose in my life.

This is not to brag or show off my accomplishments, but to encourage and remind you that we all have a journey and a path designed for each of us as individuals. Comparing yourself to others is not going to serve you, instead it will hold you back. Follow your path. Be laser focused. Pave your own path every single day and remind yourself that what you are doing is better than zero. It is better than doing nothing.

Do your thing! Do it well and watch how the results flourish right in front of your eyes. Trust the process. Trust yourself and ignore the little voice in your head that is saying you are not enough. You are enough and what you are doing is better than zero!

Now go do your thing and do it well!


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