As someone who lives a life of struggle and hardships, what is a source of strength and courage?

I believe we all live a life of struggles and hardships to our own capacity and understanding. Perhaps these hardships were placed on our path to overcome them, to learn something from them, and even address it head-on.

I am constantly being challenged, such is life and I accept challenges head-on. I used to resist, and let it consume me but what does resistance do?

It drains your energy.

I refuse to let it drain me, or consume me.

So I made a decision early on in my life to address every hardship, every struggle by letting go of the outcome of how it should be and accepting the hardship and the struggle to let it teach me a lesson instead.

Think of life as a puzzle. Depending on HOW you approach this puzzle, you can either enjoy the ride and the trivial game it brings or you can let it consume you, stress you out, and destroy you.

If we're playing a game of life then I prefer joy.

I prefer to enjoy the ride because when you go into any hardship and struggle with joy and happiness, no one can take that away from you. If you go into the situation with a positive mindset and faith that things will work out in the end, that is how it will be.

The power of manifestation is real. You choose how you want to experience your life.

I choose to enjoy mine. I choose to enjoy my hardships and struggles, which is where I get my strength and courage. Because if it is already hard, then dang it, I am one courageous and strong woman to face it head-on!

Wishing you the best because you deserve the best!

~ Aya


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