3 tips to put you back on track, if an event derailed you in life.

Life happens to us all. If you're going through something right now, just know, this too shall pass.

The event that derailed me in life was being in a toxic relationship that I did not know about at the time, getting married, then letting life situation take its course, getting a divorce, getting fired from work, and hitting depression. That’s a short and sweet recap of a life event that actually put be me back on track to doing great in life!

Of course, at the time, I did not know what my journey entailed as I was so accustomed to living in a toxic environment, but something within me (call it intuition) told me to have faith.

So here are 3 tips I used to help me recover without focusing on the darkness.

  1. Have faith.

  2. Everything happens for a reason.

  3. Remind yourself that you deserve more and are willing to fight for it!

I had faith that everything happened for a reason, and though I had depression and was on the verge of taking my life a few times, I reminded myself that I deserve more. I did not want to disappoint my family, and since my old life was pretty much over anyway, my only other option was to go up.

I had two options: take my own life or follow my dreams. I can die anytime, but a chance at following my dreams comes once in a lifetime, so I pursued the second option. The time was now.

With that, I lost 100 pounds and followed my life-long passion for acting. I began taking acting classes, which helped get me out of depression, helped me with my self-esteem and confidence. I pursued acting full-time and began booking work. Since then, I have appeared in theater plays, commercials, short and feature films, began modeling and screenwriting.

I could have dwelled on the past, but I am grateful that I did not. I am grateful that I had faith, knowing that everything happens for a reason and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, even if I could not see it at the time.

Here I am now sharing this story with you! There are challenging work days but I remind myself I would not have experienced any of it had I went with the first option. My old life is dead, metaphorically speaking. This is my second chance at life, at living and I seek to make the best of it.

I hope you find what you are seeking as well. Have faith. Everything happens for a reason. Find your worth and fight for it!

Wishing you the best because you deserve the best.

~ Aya

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