Hoja Aya

Business Coach
Marketing Consultant


Hi, I'm Aya!

I have always been passionate about the business of content creation. However, I am naturally an introvert and get shy in public. Nevertheless, with the right mindset and determination, I  proved to myself I am capable of achieving anything.


When I embarked on my academic journey at San Francisco State University, my first major was in Cinema, but when I realized Cinematography wasn't my passion, I chose marketing as my creative and strategic outlet that allowed me to use my problem-solving skills. 


I had a successful marketing and sales career in the publishing industry, where I obtained experience in social media, production marketing, events, sales, and technology! 

Below are some of my professional accomplishments:

  • Achieved 21% growth in the territory worth over $1,000,000.

  • Achieved 98% customer retention rate.

  • Top 10 Consultant in West region with 72% increase in new digital business closed.

  • Achieved 105% of the 2018 full-year district sales goal.

  • Achieved 110% of the 2018 mid-year goal.

  • Received the District Technology-savvy award. 

  • Received the 2018 District Start Strong award (this is where I executed multi-tiered campaigns to generate awareness in the new program launch, resulting in 35 in-class presentations with over 5000 new subscriptions over the  two months.)

  • Successfully planned and performed marketing events to capture over $100,000 in new revenue.

  • Aligned with product marketing and creative services teams to develop internal and external components of the Rapid Review program, including email templates, customer-facing product demo videos, surveys, and internal landing pages.

  • Collaborated with the leadership team to launch the new Sales Enablement Specialist team by developing a training program and co-authoring a 30-page workbook.

When the time came, it was easy to apply ten years' worth of marketing and sales experience into my new journey helping individuals achieve their creative dreams.   

​As I continue on my journey as a creative entrepreneur, I see many content creators struggle to get opportunities and showcase their talents to the right people. All because they do not have the proper knowledge of marketing and sales skills in their toolkit.  


This is why I created the Take the Stage Masterclass; to help creatives market and sell themselves as the phenomenal artist they are! 


My job is to help people succeed and create their opportunities with confidence. I live to inspire and create positive change in this world through storytelling. That is my craft. 

I hope you join me on this journey. Let me inspire you and guide your your creativity. Sign up for my email list, follow me on social media or contact me directly


I wish you the best because you deserve the best! 

Aya Hoja