How to get acting and modeling jobs without any demo reel or acting experience. 

Take the Stage!


There's this little known thing called MARKETING. Hardly anyone is taking about it, but when you learn it and apply it, you will see a huge difference in the amount of opportunities you get and how fast you can grow your acting and modeling career!

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Keisha Brooks

Keisha Brooks

Actor | Model | Dispatcher

VP of Tribe Collective

I cannot put into words how this couse has changed my way of thinking about my brand and how to truly market myself. Aya knows her craft and has so much insight with technology and how to maneuver through it all. Just exceptional.

Lisa Keating

Lisa Keating

Founder of Tribe Collective

Aya's inspiring, energetic and knowledgeable. Her faith in each of us taking the class and knowing we can do it, makes it happen! We feed off of her and she gives 110% We all moved forward beyond our expectations and I couldn't be happier! I would recommend her to everyone that is serious about their career!

Deborah Cortez

Actor | Singer | Director | Producer

Before taking Aya's Marketing workshop I used to feel stressed and overwhelmed about branding, social media, marketing strategizing and everything else related to building and maintaining an acting career. After taking Aya's workshop I feel more confident about my knowledge of these tools and how to make them work for me. Aya was very thorough, knowledgeable, and very easy to understand.

You have the burning desire to act for a reason; maybe it's because you want freedom to expose yourself with your body, mind, and soul. With acting, you express yourself through storytelling, and storytelling is a craft.


What if I told you that your craft does not end on stage or on-screen?


Knowing how to market and sell yourself as an actor is just as important when you're offscreen. So in this master course, I will teach you how to...


in the business side of SHOW business! 
Here is what you will learn:


Learn how to identify your character, your voice, your image, and your essence. Includes steps on how to gauge how others see you and different ways to build your brand.

Casting Process

Learn the process of getting in front of casting, the right tools to use and best practices for reading the script, self-tape auditions and on-set tips.

Social Media

Learn the importance of using social media platforms, identify the best platform for you, best practices, with additional helpful resources to keep you thriving on your journey!


Learn how to create new opportunities for yourself through best practices. Email templates included as well as a community of creative individuals supporting you. 


Learn how to use the tools and platforms you will need to be successful in your acting career. From resume-building, IMDb, self-tape editing, demo reels, and more!    

When we are determined,

we are unstoppable.

- Aya Hoja